Thursday Mixed Salad

Friday Cake Break

Sunday Smoothie

15:30 UTC   

16:30 BST

17:30 CEST

2.5 - 3.5 W/KG


15:30 UTC

16:30 BST

17:30 CEST

2.5- 2.7 W/KG

When do we ride : 

We have 3 official zwift events each week.

Also if you are not vegan , you are very welcome to join the events.

The VZT events are announced in the zwift companion app,

in the events list and in the zwiftpower series menu tab!


    VZT Ride Leaders: Stephan Maertens 

                                   Marc Pierschel

                                   Jason Masterman

                 Sweepers: Daniel Dugal - Zico Torre - Stuart Gardiner


Vegan Zwift Team