Hi there!

We’re super excited you want to join our team and race and freeride with fellow vegans from all across the world! Here are a few answers to questions you might have:

How can i join The Vegan Zwift Team ?

Obviously you need to be on Zwift  As a non-vegan you can only join a ride with us in one of our official events but if you want to be a member and race for VZT then you need to be Vegan and you must link your account to  Zwiftpower is used by Zwift racers and ride organizers to track results and see rider/team details. It’s great to track your progress and get an overview of all important numbers  Find the vegan zwift team and join!

How do we communicate with you guys?

We have a Strava group , and you find us on Facebook and Discord. We’re also on Discord during races and rides and in-between to talk about things like races, bikes, vegan food and lifestyle in detail. Discord is a free voice and text chat that was originally developed for gamers, but it works like a charm for cyclists on Zwift! Download the app, join our channel and introduce yourself in the broccoli room with your Zwift name. Thanks!

How can you ride and race with us?

We have 7 official zwift team events every week.

You find more info on the home page (scroll down)

Anything else I can do to help?

Yes, there is! You could let your friends know about the team! We’re on Strava and Facebook where we’ll post regular updates from the races and other team related news! 

Feel free to follow us and share. Thanks. Ride on !



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